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Speech on independence day in english for students in 1000 words


 Hello friends,Today I am talking about Independence day

In this post we also read this

  • What is independence day?
  • Why we celebrate independence day?
  • How we have got freedom from Britishers?
  • Which great warrior gave us freedom?
  • And why did they have to go to jail?

Speach on Independence day in school

Hello friends my elders my teachers my principal and our chief guest as we know today we gather to celebrate independence day whose day we got freedom from Britishers and today I am talking about independence day and what happened on 15 August 1947 which is we celebrate independence day in school, offices etc. so let's know

What is independence day

Independence Day is one of the national festivals of India. The day of 15 August 1947 is the golden history of India. On this day, our India, which had been under British occupation for hundreds of years, became independent on this day. Since then till today we all celebrate this auspicious day together as Independence Day. All school offices, factory institutes and markets remain closed on Independence Day. And our Prime Minister hoists the National Flag at the Red Fort in the capital of India on this auspicious day every year and gives a message to all of us that we are free. The National Flag is honored with a 21-gun salute and then the National Anthem it happens. This day is considered a symbol of independence and is celebrated with great enthusiasm in every nook and corner of India.

August 15 is a day when the national flag is hoisted in all government offices. Some people also hoist the national flag in their homes or shops. On this day, lights are lit in all government offices and special and special places. And Delhi, the capital of India, adorns like a new bride. Due to the national holiday, this festival is celebrated in the schools 1 day in advance i.e. on August 14, in which children sing national songs and show their art on this day to the children in school. Sweets are also available.

August 15 is a festival of good fortune, this festival brings new hope, new energy, new enthusiasm and patriotism to our hearts, or Independence Day also reminds us of our great warriors who lost their lives while giving us freedom on the outskirts. Giving us freedom from the British.

Why we celebrate independence day

Independence Day is celebrated on 15 August as a national holiday in India. This day symbolizes the valor of our freedom fighters and the people of India to get freedom from the claws of the British and this day signifies India's independence from British rule and unites all the people and also shows the power of the country. 

On this day (15 August 1947) India became an independent nation so a gazetted holiday is organized every year to remember this day.

How we got freedom from British government

The beginning of independence started on 1847
When all solider and people take action against british government but this action gone fail.and after this our great leader came and gave us freedom we know that this day we got freedom from Britishers and we can breaths in freedom environment. Do you know this, that how did we found freedom from British government? 

Speech on Independence day


Our great leader meet groups for protest of British government. He said that don't obey this rules, who's made by Britishers.


When the protested Britishers then they went to jail for that steps. But they can not accepted their defeat. And also then the protest against we know our great leader example= Subhash chandre Bose. He was very great leader. He also part of this groups. He said that 

"  You give me blood and I give you freedom"

This is very famous slogan to his. And I want to give you some or example about our great leaders.example; Amritsar everybody listened this name and know about this city. Once time many person who's want freedom they organised a fate for protest against British government, because British government did not want that people meet each other and stand against us. And that was the big reason behind that fate, but this idea gone fail.nobody can think it,and Britishers all attack on the place of Jallianwala Bagh,many people get injured in this attack and many peoples was dead.that was very big attack and this is the reason that why should we know about Amritsar.When we visit in our home then we fight for our freedom. Our many great leaders dead in this attack and we lost him.
Independence day

and I want to tell one or person or a great leader,whose known the name of Mahatma Gandhi, he called the father of our nation he was the main part of all protest group,he stands against Britishers and then he taught  us that when you stand against this rules then you feel safe and secure. and we got freedom from Britishers on 15 August 1947 we fully got free from Britishers and his rules.

There are some great leader who gave us freedom and and I salute them for gave us freedom 1 more line who I want to say about him

सरहद पर लड़ते-लड़ते अपनी जान गवा दी 
आखरी सांस थी मगर जाते-जाते हमें आजादी दिला दी
ऐ महान योद्धाओं आप को मेरा सलाम
आपने तो जाते-जाते भारत की तकदीर जगमगा दी

Jay Hind Jay Bharat


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