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Short Speech on Republic day

Short Speech on Republic day  You can also read this  speech on independence day in english for student essay on if I were the prime minister of my country short paragraph on my ideal teacher       short Speech on Republic                                    Day                                          Respected my chief guest principal, all my teachers and my friends today. I want to tell all of you about republic day as we know that today our constitution is ready. On this day I want to ask you that what is constitution? Everybody know that supreme law of our country, containing fundamental rules governing the politics and society in our country. Every No 6 fundamental rule in our constitution. Now I want to ask you that why we need constitution containing a rule of any country every person should right one vote every person should right to sit in mejurity. Every person should write this types of rule. Do you have any idea how many days took it to get this ready? We read that two and

Short paragraph on my ideal teacher

 Short paragraph on my ideal teacher. Short paragraph on my ideal teacher You can also read this- Essay on covid-19 in English Short speech on superstition in hindi Speech on independence day in english Essay on importance of school in hindi   Short paragraph on My ideal teacher under 100 words There are many teachers in my school but one of them is my favourite teacher whose name is Sadaf Rahman. I like her very much. She is the best teacher in my school. She teaches every student very carefully and she teaches us english. When I don't understand something she tells and understands me .Her look is very pitiful. She wears kurti , plazo , jeans and sari etc. she has many qualities such as being honest, careful, helpful etc. Her behaviour is also good. She speaks politely with everyone and this is the reason I like her so much. Thank you.  Short paragraph on my ideal         teacher under 150 words School is the best place of our childhood  and our teachers is  best guidener of us  t

Short Speech on superstition in hindi language

Short Speech on  superstition in hindi       language हमारा देश भारत बहुत बड़ा और विकासशील देश है हमारा देश भारत लगभग 30 करोड़ देवी देवताओं का देश है मगर वो कहते है ना भगवान है वहां शैतान है इसी तरह जहां भारत में विश्वास है वही अंधविश्वास भी है । अंधविश्वास क्या है  अंधविश्वास वह है जिस बात का कोई ठोस सबूत ना हो किसी ने कुछ कहा या मैंने कुछ बताया बिना किसी लॉजिक के कुछ भी मान लेते हैं आजकल कुछ ढोंगी लोग इस बात का भी फायदा उठा रहे हैं हमारे घर में बुरी  शक्तियों का साया कहते हैं तो कभी कहते हैं कि हमारे ऊपर बुरी शक्तियों का प्रवास है और यह कह कर के हम से पैसे लूटते हैं । अंधविश्वास मैं लोगों का योगदान दुख की बात तो यह है कि आम लोगों के अलावा जो पढ़े लिखे लोग हैं डॉक्टर है इंजीनियर है वकील है पता नहीं क्या-क्या है। वो सब भी इन अंधविश्वास के झमेले में पड़े हैं । जाते समय अगर बिल्ली ने रास्ता काट दिया तो अपना जरूरी काम छोड़ देते हैं और मानना यह होता है कि बिल्ली के रास्ता काटने से दुर्घटना हो सकती है और ये सिर्फ एक धर्म में नहीं ये पूरे के पूरे समाज में है। भारत में ज्यादातर लोग अंधविश्वास

Essay on if I were the prime minister of my country

Essay on If I were the prime minister of my country   In this article, I will write some topics in if I were the prime minister of my country . 1.) Introduction  2.) The steps I would take:     a.)   Poverty   eradication      b.) Educational reforms c.) Reduction in crimes d.) Population control e.) Improvement of rural infrastructure 3.) Conclusion Introduction Since childhood, I used to think that I will grow up to serve my country remove everyone's sorrows, and Prime Minister is such a power and position that I can get an opportunity to do something for my country and countrymen The step I would take (I) Poverty  eradication If I were the Prime Minister, I would first remove the poverty of my country, and make their economic system more Tries to make it better. Providing maximum farmland to the farmers and getting them the best wages. He would try his best to provide free ration to the poor and a roof to the person who is on the sidewalk. He also provided the facility of giving

Short paragraph on 5 national things

Short paragraph on 5 national things Introduction Friends in this post I will tell about short paragraph on national things I hope you will understand that what is national things and which things is national for more information read post till end  So let's go What is national things  There Are many types of animal games flower bird in India but do you know that which is our national so let's go and see our national birds,flower animal and ect..        Short paragraph on national                               things Name of 5 national things 1. National Anthem 2. National game  3. National animal 4. National bird 5. National flower Firstly we are Going to see that what is national anthem  Short paragraph on national anthem Our National anthem is Jana gana Mana who is written by Rabindranath Tagore and It was sung for the first time in Kolkata 27 December 1911, but our first president (Dr. Rajendra Prasad) declare this 24 January 1911. Today this anthem sing by every school col

50 best feild that you can join after 12th in 2021-3000

Which field is best after 12th? What should I do after 12th for high salary? Which course has best scope in future? Which is best degree? Which course is best for girls? What is the best course to study in 2021? Hello Sudents are you confused, are you tense that who's field i should join so today I will tell you 50 best feild that you can join after 12thi have saprated this feild in 7 part a. Sports  b. Tv industry  c. Engineering  d. Politics  e. medical f. teaching  j. fashion And now i am going to tell you 20 best feilds by the way The field should be chosen in which you like but some student don't know that what should he do he does not know about his talent talent so in this post i will suggest you some feilds a.sports   Sports is very likely feild just imagine if we love to see how nice you are to play If you interested in this field so you join this like 1. cricket 2. Football 3. Hockey  4. Badminton 5. Kabaddi 6. tennis   b .  Tv industry Everyone likes to watch TV sho